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XH03-25 Semi-automatic Block Making Machine

The XH03-25 block making machine belongs to semi-automatic construction machinery, and its molding cycle is 25 seconds. It has been improved according to the ideas of our customers, and comes with great production quality, good durability, high productivity, considerable excitation force, easy maintenance and reliable operation. The block making machine is appropriate for manufacturing various high-strength eco-friendly bricks, hollow bricks, grass planting bricks and other concrete blocks that do well in high compressive strength, standard size and simple appearance.

On the basis of hydraulic transmission system, the block making machine feeds base material and pigment from two material inlets respectively, so as to manufacture all sorts of colored bricks. Functions of block making machine include pressurization through vibration, dual control over height and compactness, etc. The feeding box of material-feeding car is equipped with several rows of mixing forks. Materials will be fed to the molding box forcibly by the material-feeding car, which completely solves the problem of feeding perforated bricks with materials.

  • Hydraulic control valve
  • Mould frame
  • Protective screening

Technical Parameters of Block Making Machine

Maximum dimension Nominal voltage Main vibration mode Vibration frequency Pallet size Forming cycle Total power Complete machine weight
8000×6000×2500mm 10MPa Table-vibration 2800-4500 times/minute 680×530mm 20-30s 18kw 3500kg

Quantityof Produced Blocks

Block name Dimension (mm) PCS/cycle PCS/hour PCS/day (8 hours) PCS/year (300 days)
Hollow brick 390×190×190 3 432 3456 1036800
Perforated brick 240×115×90 10 1440 11520 3456000
Standard block (baking-free brick) 240×115×50 20 2880 23040 6912000
Colored brick 200×100×60 12 1728 13824 4147200

Block Samples

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