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XH04-20 Block Making Machine

With the 20s molding cycle, the XH04-20 automatic block making machine is controlled by PLC and makes use of data transmission device. Its control system has safe logic control, fault diagnosis and remote control function. This multipurpose block making machine can be equipped with different moulds to manufacture hollow bricks, perforated bricks, pavers, grass planting bricks and other blocks with diverse specifications.

1) There are several rows of mixing forks in the feeding box of material-feeding car. When the box is above the mould frame, these forks may work to feed the frame with materials forcibly.
2) The color feeding device of the block making machine is applied to carry out color pigment feeding for producing all sorts of colored bricks.
3) The computer, electric appliances, sealing elements and hydraulic components of the block making machine are all purchased from well-known foreign companies, which guarantees the stability of equipment performance.
4) Rapid Forming Speed
Forming cycle: 15-25s
Standard block (390x190x190mm): 4 PCS/cycle
Baking-free brick (240x115x50mm): 26 PCS/cycle
Perforated brick (240x115x90mm): 12 PCS/cycle
Dutch brick (200x100x60mm): 16 PCS/cycle

Technical Parameters

Maximum dimension Nominal voltage Main vibration mode Vibration frequency Pallet size Forming cycle Total power Complete machine weight
9000×6500×2500mm 21MPa Table-vibration 2800-4500 times/minute 880×530mm 15-25s 24kw 4000kg

Quantityof Produced Blocks

Block name Dimension (mm) PCS/cycle PCS/hour PCS/day (8 hours) PCS/year (300 days)
Hollow brick 390×190×190 4 720 5760 1728000
Perforated brick 240×115×90 12 2160 17280 5184000
Standard block (baking-free brick) 240×115×50 26 4680 37440 11232000
Colored brick 200×100×60 16 2880 23040 6912000

Main Parts of Concrete Block Production Line

No. Name Quantity
1 Conveyor 1PCS
2 Pallet feeder 1PCS
3 Main machine 1PCS
4 Hydraulic station 1PCS
5 Electrical control cabinet 1PCS
6 Block output platform 1 set
7 Block mould 1 set
8 Brick wheelbarrow 3 PCS
9 JS500 forced type twin horizontal shaft mixer 1 set
10 880*530*20 bamboo plywood 1500 PCS

Block Samples

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