1. XH03-20 Block Making MachineThrough the replacement of moulds, the XH03-20 block making machine can manufacture different blocks, such as the hollow block, solid brick, paver and so on.
    1. XH04-20 Block Making MachineThis multipurpose block making machine can be equipped with different moulds to manufacture hollow bricks, perforated bricks, pavers, grass planting bricks and other blocks with diverse specifications.
    1. XH06-15 Block Making MachineMaximum dimension: 12500×2800×2800mm
      Nominal voltage: 21MPa
      Vibration frequency: 2800-4500times/minute
      Pallet size: 850×680mm
    1. XH08-15 Block Making MachineMaximum dimension: 12800×2800×2800mm
      Nominal voltage: 21MPa
      Vibration frequency: 2800-4500times/minute
      Pallet size: 850×850mm
    1. XH10-15 Block Making MachineMaximum dimension: 12800×3000×2800mm
      Nominal voltage: 21MPa
      Vibration frequency: 2800-4500times/minute
      Pallet size: 1080×850mm
    1. XH12-15 Block Making MachineMaximum dimension: 32500×2400×2800mm
      Nominal voltage: 21MPa
      Vibration frequency: 2800-4500times/minute
      Pallet size: 1350×850mm

Automatic Block Making Machine

The molding cycle of the automatic block making machine averages 15-20 seconds. Optional models include XH03-20, XH04-20, XH06-15, XH08-15, XH10-15 and XH12-15.

1. Rack
The high-strength steel rack of the automatic block making machine employs special welding technology, which ensures great ruggedness.

2. Guiding Shift
Made of super-strength special steel, it has undergone chrome plating treatment to improve bending resistance and abrasion resistance.

3. Die Head
The automatic block making machine and its hydraulic system are driven synchronously. The blocks on the same pallet are nearly identical in height, which guarantees homogeneity of blocks.

4. Material Feeder
The material feeder of this automatic block making machine is driven by the sensor and hydraulic device. The oscillating material-feeding car and air cannon work together for forcible centrifugal discharging. In this way, it is capable of feeding material rapidly and uniformly, contributing to producing high-quality thin-wall perforated bricks.

5. Vibrator
On the basis of electro-hydraulic driving technology, its vibrator makes use of the multi-source vibration system. Under the control of a computer, it causes synchronous vibration in vertical direction. With adjustable amplitude and frequency, it supports low-frequency feeding and high-frequency forming. Its compaction effect is desirable.

6. Pinion-and-rack Synchronization Mechanism
This building material machinery helps to make sure that all the blocks have the same height.

7. Control System
The system of the block making machine is equipped with the human-computer interface and large internal storage. It is designed on the basis of our several years of manufacturing experience and international market trend, which is conducive to easy operation. Moreover, the electric appliances are purchased from Mitsubishi and other established companies.

8. Material Storing and Distributing Device
Controlled by a computer, it can feed materials uniformly. Hence, the error in strength is successfully minimized, and there will not be internal pressure within materials due to external cause.

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