1. XH1500 Paver and Curbstone Making MachineWith the maximum pressure of 1500kn, it is provided with rapid rising and falling, automatic rising if pressing procedure is completed, adjustable dwell time and other functions. The paver and curbstone making machine enjoys high production efficiency, and is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of colored pavers, grass planting bricks, curbstones, precast blocks and other blocks that are commonly seen in the square, road, dyke, dam, expressway, etc.
    1. XH3000 Paver and Curbstone Making MachineThe concrete paver machine is equipped with a conveyer belt. Its storage hopper may load material automatically and the hydraulic pressure platform can rise or fall intelligently to unload blocks, which reduces labor strength and enhances productivity.

Paver and Curbstone Making Machine

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