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PVC Pallet

Features and Application
The PVC pallet is designed for the block making machine. With high strength and water tightness, it will not crack or deform, and is resistant to impact, abrasion, high temperature and high pressure. The maintenance free product has the working life of more than 6 years, and may be recycled. The PVC pallet helps to increase the productivity of a block machine.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Density 1.70-1.80g/cm3
Bending strength > 60 N/mm 2
Flexural modulus > 4.5×103Mpa
Impact strength > 60 KJ/m2
Water absorption < 0.5% N/mm2, > 40% N/mm2
Temperature tolerance 110 °C
Surface abrasion < 0.04g/100r
Aging > 7 years
Width Customization
Density About 1750-1800 kg /m3
Normal thickness 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc.
Length Customization
Color Usually gray

Related Names
PVC Baking-Free Brick Pallet | Polyvinyl Chloride Pallet | Block Pallet

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