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Wooden Pallet

The wooden pallet has undergone the microwave drying and preservative treatment. It adopts the internal steel support and is fastened by rebar on two or four sides. It comes with deformation resistance, good durability and long useful life. The wooden pallet can be customized in size. We can also provide samples.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Item Specification
Density 0.50g /cm3
Bending strength > 50Mpa
Flexural modulus > 4000Mpa
Impact strength > 60KJ/m2
Water absorption < 0.3%
Aging At least 6-7 years
Material Larch, pine, etc.
Weight 1.1 t/m3
Service life At least 6-7 years
Width Customization
Thickness 20-50mm
Length Customization

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