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    1. XH03-25 Semi-automatic Block Making MachineThe block making machine is appropriate for manufacturing various high-strength eco-friendly bricks, hollow bricks, grass planting bricks and other concrete blocks that do well in high compressive strength, standard size and simple appearance.
    1. XH04-20 Block Making MachineThis multipurpose block making machine can be equipped with different moulds to manufacture hollow bricks, perforated bricks, pavers, grass planting bricks and other blocks with diverse specifications.
    1. Automatic Block Making MachineThe molding cycle of the automatic block making machine averages 15-20 seconds. Optional models include XH03-20, XH04-20, XH06-15, XH08-15, XH10-15 and XH12-15.
    1. XH1500 Paver and Curbstone Making MachineWith the maximum pressure of 1500kn, it is provided with rapid rising and falling, automatic rising if pressing procedure is completed, adjustable dwell time and other functions. The paver and curbstone making machine enjoys high production efficiency, and is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of colored pavers, grass planting bricks, curbstones, precast blocks and other blocks that are commonly seen in the square, road, dyke, dam, expressway, etc.
    1. XH3000 Paver and Curbstone Making MachineThe concrete paver machine is equipped with a conveyer belt. Its storage hopper may load material automatically and the hydraulic pressure platform can rise or fall intelligently to unload blocks, which reduces labor strength and enhances productivity.
  • Lightweight Wall Panel Making MachineAdvantages of wall panel: Fire resistance, sound insulation, desirable hardness, good recyclability, earthquake resistance, water tightness, thermal insulation, environmental protection and reasonable price
  • PL Series Concrete Batching PlantThe concrete batcher is capable of effectively guaranteeing exact proportion of raw materials. Its electronic weighing system helps to increase the weighing accuracy.
    1. Bamboo PalletThe bamboo pallet is able to resist steam, impact and corrosion. Compared with a wooden pallet, the product enjoys a longer service life of 5-10 years.
    1. PVC PalletWith high strength and water tightness, it will not crack or deform, and is resistant to impact, abrasion, high temperature and high pressure. The maintenance free product has the working life of more than 6 years, and may be recycled.
    1. Wooden PalletThe wooden pallet has undergone the microwave drying and preservative treatment. It adopts the internal steel support and is fastened by rebar on two or four sides. It comes with deformation resistance, good durability and long useful life. The wooden pallet can be customized in size. We can also provide samples.