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Technical Features

Features in Machinery Aspect
1. The material-feeding car makes use of two connecting levers, and feed materials rapidly and uniformly. Forced synchronization will not cause rigid shock on the rack, which effectively protect the rack and prolong the service life of the car. The special material feeding system adopts forcibly feeding mode. The principle axis of material-feeding car is driven asynchronously. If slag, coal ash or other lightweight aggregate is added to the raw materials, the material feeding effect may be effectively improved.
2. The vibration table applies our newly-developed knocking type vibration system possessing overbalance vibration force, which makes sure produced blocks are the same in height, and the density of each block is uniform. The special vibration reduction method separates the vibration system from the rack, so as to concentrate vibration force below the mould, which minimizes the vibration force to the rack. Therefore, compared with other like products, our vibration table creates 10-15 dB lower noise and enjoys longer useful life.

Features in Hydraulic Aspect
1. The machine employs imported SUNNY double vane pump. Its oil supply system is used in conjunction with a proportioning valve. The frequency and amplitude of the oscillatory system is allowed to be adjusted randomly, and the double pump can be compensated by each other. Through the proportioning valve, the operator can easily adjust pressure and flow on the touch screen. Different pressure and flow values may be set for each action in accordance with practical situations. In addition, setting several stage speeds for one action is available to accelerate the equipment and avoid impact.
2. A pilot operated check valve is built within the head pressure control valve, which guarantees the reliability and safety of the pressure head. Even though the valve element of reversing valve wears and causes the increase of internal leakage amount, the pressure head will not draw back during demolding or slip down during waiting, because the check valve locks the oil cylinder of pressure head. In this way, it is safe to maintain or repair the machine. Moreover, in case an operator presses the control button when the oil pump is not started, the pressure will not fall down.